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If you have been involved in a personal injury accident, whether at work, in an automobile accident, or in any other setting, you should make certain that the circumstances of the accident are well documented and recorded, and this should be done immediately after addressing any of your urgent medical needs.

You should then contact an attorney as soon as possible, because an attorney can help you decide if their is a potential claim as well as assist you in the evidence gathering process.

In some cases an attorney might need to hire an investigator to send to the scene of the accident. Along with documenting and recording the circumstances soon after the accident having occurred, you should also take photographs of the location, as well as photographs of any relevant surroundings or items involved in the accident. Such photographs could include: photographs of the vehicles, the roadways, traffic signals, intersections, skid marks, photographs demonstrating the person at fault, and other relevant pictures.

If possible, you should also make a list of the names of the witnesses, their addresses, their phone numbers, and any other relevant contact information.

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