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Our firm is equipped to handle just about any legal situation or transaction relating to Texas real estate in Houston and surrounding cities. If you are currently thinking of selling, buying, or leasing real estate in Texas, then it is always best to get the assistance of a Texas real estate attorney.

It is important that real estate transactions be properly prepared and that you never sign any contracts or agreements prior to consulting with an attorney, and this includes “letters of intent”. Many people incorrectly assume that real estate agents are trained to function in place of an attorney and are properly trained in preparing legally binding contracts, but only an attorney can properly review and prepare such documents in a manner that fully protects the legalities of your real estate transaction.

Our firm also handles transactions, such as small business and personal real estate deals. Our experience in the areas of Texas real estate is vast, allowing us to prepare both simple and complex real estate documents. It is extremely important to hire an attorney whenever purchasing or selling real estate, and we will be happy to prepare all necessary documentation to facilitate a transaction. Let us know.

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