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Wills and Probate Attorney League City

Wills & Probate Attorney

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Our firm’s counsel have drafted thousands of wills in Texas and is experienced at both complex and simpler Texas wills. Uncomplicated wills can be done in less then one day and start at $175.00. In some cases it is necessary to have an attorney handle the probate of a will when a love one becomes deceased, and we will be glad to handle this for you if necessary.

Our firm also handles probate litigation, including Will Contests and property recovery. A more complicated estate may require the creation of a trust. Our firm can handle all of your probate needs.

If you are wondering whether it is necessary to probate their will, then contact our firm and we will be more then happy to discuss it with you.

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You can also e-mail us at rfuhr@aol.com or contact us directly using the form:

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